We are pleased to announce that our EMECS programme has been granted new funding from the European Commission under the Eramsus+ programme. More details about student admissions and scholarships will be provided later. 

Results of student selections have been sent out today. Congratulations to all accepted students, looking forward to welcoming you in our partner universities.



To all applicants for the upcoming EMECS class,

the selection of accepted applicants and the selection of scholarship holders have been made. We are still awaiting the completion of some formalities regarding the consortial contracts. Therefore, unfortunately, the notifications will be delayed a bit. We expect to send them out within the next two or three weeks. 

Thank you for your patience.

EMECS Selection Committee 

Prof. Maciej Ciesielski from University of Massachusetts, USA, will start his guest lecture series on “Synthesis and Optimization of Microelectronic Systems”.

Starting date: Thursday, May 21, 2015

Place: rooms and time slots are just like last year at TU Kaiserslautern.