Student life

We provide in the following sections key information about the life at each of the campuses of our partner universities. For more detailed information, please refer to the respective sections on the websites of our partner universities.

University of Kaiserslautern

The topographic convergence of technology and nature makes Kaiserslautern both a vibrant urban center and a natural oasis. Blessed with favorable surroundings, getting in touch with nature is particularly easy in Kaiserslautern, where Germany's largest interlinked woodlands are at your doorstep.

Kaiserslautern is home to people from over 140 nations, contributing to a diverse and vibrant city life. As a global village, Kaiserslautern cultivates friendly relationships with numerous cities from European countries as well as bonds overseas to the USA and Japan. Most of the 100,000 inhabitants speak English which makes it easy to feel at ease soon.

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University of Southampton

Southampton is the largest city in the county of Hampshire on the south cost of England. It has a population of around 250,000 people. Southampton is a major sea port and the closest city to new forest.

The University is a friendly and welcoming place, and student life on campus is vibrant and dynamic. As part of a global community, you'll have opportunities to work, live and socialise with students from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences.

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University of Trondheim

The city of Trondheim is more than one thousand years old. The majestic Nidarosdomen Cathedral, makes Trondheim Norway's foremost pilgrimage site. The city has more than 180,000 inhabi­tants. With one in six of its residents a university student, Trondheim can't help but be a hoppin' town. Whether your idea of a lively nightlife is a piano bar or a lighted ski trail – Trondheim has it all. It's no wonder that Trondheim is regularly voted as Norway's best university student town.

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University of Torino

“Without Italy, Torino would be more or less the same. But without Torino, Italy would be very different.” (Umberto Eco)

Why Turin? Studying in Turin is an excellent choice.
This city have the most prestigious academic poles in Italy: the Università degli Studi has up to 70.000 students (and 600 years of history); according to the Censis statistic the Politecnico is the best engineering University in Italy.
The Politecnico di Torino can be considered a Research University: its strength is the creation of a study, research and innovation network, thanks to its yearly 800 protocol of agreements with public and private companies or local organisations. Every year 32.000 students choose its courses, masters and graduate studies in engineering and architecture; 15% of University community students are international and the partnerships with other faculties are several in the world and they allow the achievement of a Double-degree program.

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Student Networks and Alumni

Staying connected with peers and being in the know about job market changes is essential in our times. In order to fulfill that requirement we refer to multiple communication tools for our students and alumni to stay updated and keep in touch with their peers. We highlight those tools in the following:

  • Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association (EMA): It is an international professional and personal network for Erasmus Mundus students and graduates. Members can join its professional networks and service teams to network and become active within the Association. Jobs board and special enterpreneurship section are offered to members.

  • El-Bulbo: A web-platform that is used to connect EMECS students with each other and with the administrations of all EMECS universities. This permits students to monitor their study progress, as reported by the different partner universities of their mobility path. EMECS students are encouraged to setup accounts in El-Bulbo to take full advantage of the programme.

  • EMECS Alumni: This is the Linkedin group of our alumni and students used for sharing jobs, internships, and professional updates.

  • Facebook group: our students and alumni are also available here to give you further assistance.

  • EIT Graduate Speaker 2016 - Vasiar Allaj

    EIT Graduate Speaker 2016 - Vasiar Allaj

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    Graduation Ceremony 2019/2020

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    Graduation Ceremony 2018

  • Graduation Ceremony 2018

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EMECS upholds the principles of diversity and equality with a proactive diversity management, by providing all minorities and genders with support and protection against all forms of discrimination. Gender equality is an integral component of EMECS and the consortium is committed to ensuring equality of opportunity for everybody, during every phase of their education, from the candidate’s application until their graduation and transition into employment.

For women in the field of engineering our female counseling team provides information as well as individual advice and support. Please get in touch with us for any questions regarding diversity:

Dr.-Ing. Claudia Blank


Intel Deutschland GmbH

Expert Formal Methods
Career Advisor and Mentor
Leadership Coach

“I always enjoy visiting EMECS to give lectures, for mentoring and for recruiting. EMECS is an exciting place to be for students and faculty alike, with its inspiring mix of hot academic topics and enthusiastic people from all kinds of backgrounds.”

Isabel Garcia


CEO and Co-founder of eways EMECS Alumna

“Let your ideas spark, like your circuits will.”

Yara Gowayed


Software developer for ETAS GmbH in Stuttgart
EMECS Alumna

“EMECS experience was definitely a life changer for me. Aside from the world-class education, you get exposure to different cultures and gain international and intercultural competences. Before joining EMECS I thought it would be a good way to experience the countries I am going to live in. Shortly after joining, I realized that through my big, diverse EMECS family I got to explore all of their cultures and also build life time friends!”