International cross-cultural experience is key to success in today's job markets. It is imperative to be "globally ready" to compete in a constantly changing world economy. By having studied in different countries you prove to employers that you are capable of coping with change and that you can perform effectively in an international setting. Additionally, working as a summer intern can give you better access to the work culture and job opportunities in each country.

TUK and NTNU offer language courses in German and Norwegian respectively. These courses are a great way to expand your horizon and to learn more about the culture of your host countries. Additionally, student bodies at our partner universities regularly organize interesting trips to renowned touristic destinations. We highlight in the following some of the popular student trip destinations at our partner universities.




  • Surrounding cities like Saarbrücken, Heidelberg, and Karlsruhe.
  • Frankfurt and its international airport are about 115 km from Kasierslautern.
  • Paris which can be reached in 2.5 hours in a direct train from Kaiserslautern.
  • The city of Strasbourg which is around 150 km from Kaiserslautern.


Heidelberg's old bridge and castle


  • Salisbury and the infamous prehistoric monument Stonehenge are just 40 km away.
  • London with all of its attraction is around 130 km away.
  • The Georgian city of Bath which is around 100 km from Southampton.
  • The medieval city of Winchester just 20 km from Southampton.




  • Trolltonga is piece of rock jutting horizontally at a height of about 700 meters. 
  • Munkholmen a small island across the shore of Trondheim. It's a popular tourist attraction.
  • Bymarka is Trondheim's main park and offers remarkable skiing and hiking possibilities.


trolltunga in Norway