Diversity management means for EMECS to foster an open-minded culture and to provide equality to all persons and their individuality, upholding the principles of diversity and equality. Providing support and establishing protection against discrimination are some of the cornerstones to ensure diversity in EMECS.

Gender equality is an integral component of EMECS and the consortium is committed to ensure equal opportunities for anyone from application to studies and during the transition into employment.
Please get in touch with us for any questions regarding diversity: diversity@emecs.eu

For women in the field of engineering our female counselling team provides information as well as individual advice and support.



Dr.-Ing. Claudia Blank

Intel Deutschland GmbH

Expert Formal Methods
Career Advisor and Mentor
Leadership Coach




Isabel Garcia

CEO and Co-founder of eways
EMECS Alumna



"Let your ideas spark, like your circuits will"


Yara Gowayed

Software developer for ETAS GmbH in Stuttgart
EMECS Alumna



"EMECS experience was definitely a life changer for me. Aside from the world-class education, you get exposure to different cultures and gain international and intercultural competences. Before joining EMECS I thought it would be a good way to experience the countries I am going to live in. Shortly after joining, I realized that through my big, diverse EMECS family I got to explore all of their cultures and also build life time friends!"