Who can I contact, if I have questions?

For questions regarding the application procedure, or general and organizational questions, please contact Mrs. Nicole C. JankowiakFor questions regarding general services in each country (e.g. visa, accommodation, living costs), please contact the local international offices. For questions regarding academic issues of the program, please contact the EMECS coordinator or the academic course advisors at each university. All contact details are provided here


How much does the program cost? What does a scholarship cover?

The tuition fees and other financial information are discussed here. The full amount has to be paid at the beginning of your studies. The tuition only covers the costs of participation in the academic program. It does not include the costs for living, boarding, housing ..etc. If you are granted an Erasmus+ scholarship of the European Commission then the tuition fees for the regular period of study (2 years) will be covered. Full details on the offered scholarships can be found here.


When can I apply for the EMECS program and a scholarship?

The program always starts in the fall semester. Your application has to be submitted usually by January of the same year of your first semester of study. The application platform to enter your applications usually opens 3 to 4 months before the deadline on January 31st. You can only apply through this application platform during the periods when it is open to receive applications.The scholarship application is done on the same application platform and is a part of your application to EMECS. More details can be found here.


What happens after my application?

The EMECS consortium decides about all applicants who have applied with all necessary documents before the deadline. The EMECS coordinator informs you about your admission to the EMECS program.

  • If you are not chosen for the program you will receive an email to inform you about that.
  • If you are chosen for the program, but not granted a scholarship, you will receive a letter of admission and the declaration of acceptance via email.
  • If you are awarded a scholarship you will receive a letter of award, a letter of admission & scholarship and the declaration of acceptance via email.

After the consortium has made its selections the selection results are submitted to Brussels. The consortium needs to wait until Brussels confirms the selections and has granted the stipends. Then applicants will be informed. Typically this happens some time in April.  


What should I do after I got an email of acceptance for the program?

You have to fill out and send back the signed declaration of acceptance to ISGS via email or fax within a mentioned timeframe (contact details are given on the document itself). After that the EMECS coordinator sends you the original letters of admission by postal mail. You need them for getting a visa, if you are non-EU student. Please be patient, in some countries the postal way takes a bit longer.

Then the international office from each university send you a welcome mail, and if necessary an additional document of your first study location for getting a visa. If you have questions about getting a visa, please contact the appropriate local international service center.


How do I get a visa / residence permit?

European citizens do not need a visa when moving within the EU, non-European citizens generally do. Visa issues generally are under competence of national countries, and therefore there are no single regulations and requirements for all European countries. Thus, you will have to inform yourself on the regulations of both of the countries you want to pursue your studies in. Applications for a visa have to be done from your native country (visa for your first place of studies), or of a country you have the residence permit in (visa for your second place of studies).

Please note that visa issues demand time and attention, sometimes it may even take up to 6 months. Thus, we suggest that you apply for your visa as soon as you receive your letter of admission to the EMECS programme and the welcome mail.

Detailed information about getting a visa or residence permit for each country (Germany, Norway, U.K.) are available in the downloads sectionIf you have further questions about getting a visa, please contact the appropriate local international office.


What are my next steps after getting the visa?

You have to organize your travel to Germany, Norway or U.K. by buying tickets for planes and trains ... etc. If you were not granted an EMECS scholarship you have to get a health insurance on your own. It would be good, if the insurance is valid for both of your chosen countries. Currently we collaborate with the following insurance company: Dr. Walter GmbH, Mrs. Claudia Reichstein, phone: +49 (0)2247 9194 734, email: reichstein@dr-walter.com.

Further information about your next steps is included in the welcome mail you get from the local international office (arrival at your first place of studies, accommodation, registration for language course etc.) or can be found in our guidelines and information sheets here. 


When do I have to arrive?

The time of arrival in your first location of studies varies from country to country because there are different mandatory and optional activities before the course of studies starts (e.g. orientation/language course).

In general you have to arrive … (the exact dates are in your letter of admission):

  • Arrival to Kaiserslautern, Germany should be planned in mid August.
  • Arrival to Torndheim, Norway should be planned in mid August.
  • Arrival to Southampton, U.K. should be planned in mid Spetember.

You can find the academic calendar with the semester duration in the EMECS info leaflet here.


What to do after I have arrived?

Detailed information for new students about arrivals & transport, accommodation etc. are presented in our “admission package” with guidelines, flyers, and information sheets here. After you have arrived the local international office sends you an email to come to their office, and sign the student contract and if appropriate the scholarship contract. Only if you sign the contracts you will get the total permission to study in the EMECS program, and get your scholarship amount.