What is an appeal?

An appeal here is defined as a request for a review of the decision regarding the admission for the EMECS Program under the current application period taken by the EMECS Consortium.

Who can appeal?

Applicants of the actual application period on base of the notification sent via email by the EMECS Consortium about the decision of the admission to the EMECS Program. Appeals may be considered where, for example, your application was unsuccessful. Please note that we cannot consider information that was not included in the original application.

How can I appeal?

If you wish to appeal the decision made by EMECS Consortium in relation to your Erasmus+ Program application, please follow the appeal procedure below.

Appeals may be made in writing by sending an email to the EMECS consortium, contact email address:  emecs@eit.uni-kl.de, within 10 calendar days of the decision being communicated to you.

Please summarize the nature of your appeal by pointing out your argumentation for requesting a review or the issues of feeling treated unfairly.

We aim to reply fully to you with the appeal decision, in writing, within 10 working days of the acknowledgement. Appeals that are more complex may take longer to deal with. In these cases we will keep you updated on the progress of your appeal.

Make sure to provide a correct e-mail address so that you can receive notifications on the status of your appeal.