Application process

  • All applications must be submitted through our application platform by January 31st, 2021.
  • Selection results for all applicants will be announced by May 2021


Start of academic studies

Start of the EMECS program depends on the academic calendar of the chosen partner university, it's generally as follows: 

  • Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, Germany: Mid of August, 2021
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway: Beginning of August, 2021
  • University of Southampton, UK: End of September, 2021
  • Politecnico Di Torino, Italy: End of September, 2021


Application form

In order to apply for EMECS you need to create an account and fill your application in our online application platform. You can also apply for a scholarship on the same application platform. No separate scholarship application is needed.

Along with the application form the following documents must be provided:

  • Personal details
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Proof of nationality (copy of passport). Candidates with multiple nationalities should decide at application stage under which nationality they are applying
  • Copy of university degree(s) e.g. Bachelor/Master degree certificate (if available at the time of application, otherwise it needs to be presented upon enrollment)
  • Transcript of Records (stating which courses were taken and what grades were obtained at the time of application)
  • Translation of certificates and transcript of records (only if originals are not in English)
  • Motivation letter
  • Two recommendation letters from faculty staff or your employer (at least one should be from a faculty staff)
  • Proof of English Proficiency (e.g., IELTS) using a scanned copy of result sheet. The proof of English language proficiency is waived, however, for nationals of these countries.
  • GRE results (scanned copy of result sheet). Recommended but not mandatory

The TOEFL code number of TU Kaiserslautern is 7967. The GRE code number of the TU Kaiserslautern is 7143.

All documents are submitted electronically. However, the original documents and final certificates will be requested by the academic authorities before enrollment.


Our online application platform is now offline.


Evaluation process

All applications will be assessed by the EMECS selection committee. The selection will be based on the student's profile and qualifications:

  • Academic records of previous studies
  • Scientific background
  • Ranking of academic institution where undergraduate studies were done
  • Motivation letter
  • Recommendation letters
  • English language
  • Acquired practical experience
  • Awards and grants


Important Notes:

1) All applications have to be done online through the EMECS application platform. The platform will open again in November 2020. News and updates on the application will get announced here. Only complete online applications are eligible and can be assessed.

2) Selection results for all applicants will be announced via email in May 2021.

3) Selected applicants have to confirm their acceptance within one week after receipt of selection result by sending the signed Declaration of Acceptance.

4) Visa application should be started as soon as you receive your admission letter.  Don’t forget that 2 to 3 months are usually necessary to obtain a visa for Europe.

5) Applicants selected for EMECS, who only submitted preliminary certificates have to provide their final degree certificate upon enrollment.  

6) Candidates selected for EMECS will have to bring all submitted and requested documents in original upon enrollment. 

7) Scholarship holders will be asked to provide a proof of their current place of residence (e.g. residence certificate/certificate from candidates place of work, study or training) within one month after declaring their acceptance.