We offer a limited number of scholarships for top ranked applicants. During the application process, you can state if you also want to apply for a scholarship along with your application for the EMECS Programme. Note that our scholarships were formerly funded under the Erasmus Mundus programme (2010 – 2014, 2016 – 2018). Currently, EMECS scholarships are funded by our consortium partners.

What does an EMECS scholarship cover?

The student scholarship for the EMECS programme includes:


  • A scholarship tuition waiver: this covers the costs for programme tuition plus health insurance
  • A monthly living allowance amounting to 1,000 EUR for the entire duration of the EMECS programme (24 months): this allowance is dedicated to covering your living costs while studying in EMECS

  • A contribution to travel and installation costs: this is meant to support your travel and settling at an EMECS location (e.g., flight airfare and visa fees)

    • 1000 EUR per year



What does an EMECS tuition waiver cover?

The Tuition Waiver covers the the costs for programme tuition and all academic costs.